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5 Stickhandling Drills You Can Do At Home

Here are five stickhandling drills from MassHockey that your player can do in your very own driveway, garage or other hard surface to keep your hands and coordination strong:

  1. Figure eight. Place two objects (i.e. hockey gloves, pucks, etc.) on the floor surface about three feet apart. Stickhandle in a figure-eight pattern around the objects using an expansive set of skills, such as cupping and toe-dragging the puck, along with using the entire blade of the stick. Push the objects wider to make the exercise more difficult or push them closer together to make it easier. VIDEO
  1. Golf ball. Stickhandle with a golf ball as fast and as quickly as possible. It’s as simple as that. The golf ball weighs substantially lighter than a puck, allowing the player to practice overspeed stickhandling to help increase quickness and coordination. VIDEO
  1. Around the body. Stickhandle quickly and softly around your body from the forehand side all the way to the backhand side. Perform the drill in both directions. Try to keep your head up and eyes looking forward to simulate skating on the ice through traffic. Gradually rotate stickhandling further away from your body and then close to your feet, forcing you to change your hand position on the shaft of the stick. VIDEO
  1. Hand slide wide. Stickhandle side to side, but extend your reach as far as you can while maintaining control of the puck/ball. Maintain a loose grip with your bottom hand, allowing it to slide up and down the stick shaft to achieve full extension. VIDEO
  1. Push-pull. Line up several pucks in a row. Push the puck out past the first puck and pull it back toward your body with the toe of the blade. Continue moving down the line of pucks and focus on your wrist action. Watch the video to see the reverse exercise to work on your backhand toe drag. VIDEO

Looking for more stickhandling drills that you can do right at home? Check out the entire stick skills video gallery here at The drill series was made for USA Hockey’s National Team Development Program, which consistently produces some of the best American hockey players.